Holidays, Special Celebrations And Coffee Drinking: Why People Enjoy Them So Much

Holidays, Special Celebrations And Coffee Drinking: Why People Enjoy Them So Much – People celebrate a variety of holidays through the year for many different reasons: secular, religious, international, personal, or otherwise American. Some days have special meaning to some people such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduation day, or because they are the occasion to participate in a large farewell and party such as Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana. Many holidays are associated with the changing of the seasons.

Celebrations are a reason to get together with friends, family, business associates and to build relationships. Drinking coffee is fun and a great way to sit around a table or on a couch and have a memorable conversation with loved ones. The meaning of the special day becomes greater when you stop to enjoy the moment and contemplate your surroundings. Rushing a holiday moment or a birthday celebration is not something people do on purpose. In fact, people try to enjoy every minute of the special day to have memories they will cherish in the future.

People drink coffee primarily because of the aroma, the taste and the sensory experience. Coffee is a beverage you can keep on drinking through the day and day after day. As a coffee lover, you never really have too much coffee. With the increasing availability of new flavored coffees, for example, coffee drinkers have more coffee choices to taste and experience the wonderful flavor of coffee, a gift from Mother Nature coffee lovers appreciate! Hundreds of years ago, people enjoyed blending coffee with nuts and spices to create special flavors which they would savor during special days and celebrations.

With the passing of time, many things can change and look very different after a few months and years. One constant that remains is people’s love for special celebrations and adherence to holidays we observe on our calendars. Another constant is drinking coffee as an everyday beverage of choice and, for party revelers with few hours of sleep, a great buzz to stay wake and active. One additional constant is the use of gifts during special day celebrations: flowers, candy, clothes, money, chocolate, music, and coffee.

Yes, indeed, coffee is a favorite choice in gift lists to take as a present for someone hosting a meal or to give to a coffee lover on a specific special celebration. What makes specialty coffee great as a gift choice is that it offers so many choices! Whole beans, ground coffee, flavored, espresso, regular or decaffeinated coffee.

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What choices of specialty coffee would you offer someone and for what special day?

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Celebration : Fun and festivals to see the old year out and to ring in the new year. A time to eat and be merry, to relax and stay late for the beginning of a new year. To many Americans, the ball dropping at Times Square in New York City signals the start of the New Year. This may be past bedtime for many people and drinking a great cup of specialty coffee is a sure way to be alert and celebrate. A New Year’s resolution for you: order and enjoy Kona Extra Fancy ‘Certified’ gourmet coffee, fresh roasted to order and delivered to your home! Flavored coffee recommendation : Macadamia Cream flavored coffee.

Super Bowl Sunday, first Sunday in February : Every NFL football team wants to make it to the Big Game at the Super Bowl! Millions of fans attend the “Big Party” and make this the second largest snack day of the year after New Year’s. It is also a day when people drink more coffee than usual. When casual sports fans and true aficionados watch the game and celebrate the action, Certified Jamaican Genuine Blue Mountain gourmet coffee is a great coffee choice or, as an alternative, a bolder, heartier coffee such as French Roast. Flavored coffee recommendation : Eggnog gourmet flavored coffee.

Valentine’s Day, February 14th : A celebration of love and lovers going back to ancient times when people paid honor to the Roman God of Fertility on the Feast of Lupercalia. A time to exchange cards, small gifts, chocolates, jewelry, and specialty coffee. Interesting trivia : women purchase 75% of all specialty and candy chocolate during the year. However, men make more than 75% of all chocolate purchases the days and minutes before Valentine’s Day. So, it is not at all surprising that the favorite flavored coffees for this day are chocolate flavored ones such as Chocolate Fudge flavored coffee, Chocolate Hazelnut flavored coffee, and Chocolate Swiss Almond flavored coffee!

Erin Go Bragh (“Ireland Forever”), Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17th : A special day in honor of the Patron Saint of Ireland, who greeted Christianity to the Emerald Isles or Ireland. This is a day to celebrate Irish history, ancestry, traditions and customs. There are more than 34 million Americans of Irish descent which is about nine times the population of Ireland! Favorite specialty flavored coffee on this day : Irish Cream flavored coffee, rich and smooth non-alcoholic 100% Arabica bean gourmet coffee.

Easter Sunday, April: To Christians, this is the most special day of the year commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter also has a pagan celebration with the Easter Bunny, colored eggs, jelly beans, chocolate candy, and coffee before and after the family meal. Families dress up in their finest and colorful new spring clothes. Some families have a big brunch fever. Others have a big main meal with baked ham, turkey or other delicacies as the main dish. Brightly colored boiled eggs are popular as is keeping the coffee pot full with freshly brewed coffee. Favorite coffee selections: Hazelnut Cream flavored coffee; French Vanilla flavored coffee, and Colombian Supremo specialty coffee.